Urban Survival

Top 120 cities at risk for a Nuclear, biological, nuclear (NBC/CBRN) attack

A Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attack, also known as a CBRN or NBC attack, is an attack against an area using hazardous material to promote widespread damage, typically utilized in a terrorist-type attack. The US Army’s domestic preparedness division lists the following cities/states as the top 120 cities at…
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Hostile Areas

How to survive a mass public shooting – tips for avoiding the shooter’s sights and getting out alive

Random Mass Public Shootings Despite what many believe, random mass public shootings are not uncommon occurrences. For instance, during six months in 2012, there were at least six random, mass shooting incidents (one in a drive by shooting spree killing 3 people, two in schools killing a total of 10…
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How to Survive Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather Conditions Whether global warming or a natural cycle of atmospheric change, the worldwide weather patterns have worsened substantially.  Global average surface temperature has increased steadily since 1970.  Precipitation patterns have changed around the world and after 2,000 years of little change, sea levels have risen by 8 inches with…
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