Hostile Areas

How to protect against gas (chemical) and viral (biological) attacks – respirators prove key to survival

The importance of a respirator in a survival situation A respirator device is designed to protect the wearer from inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapors, or gases. Recent studies (2012) indicate that respirators even provide the best protection against airborne viruses. It is imperative however, that you understand the various types…
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Survival News

Samsung announces the new Galaxy Xcover 2 smartphone – rugged smartphone for adventurers with nifty outdoorsman features

Samsung today introduced its new Galaxy Xcover 2, a ruggedized smartphone designed for outdoor adventurers and survival situations.  It is dust and sand proof and water resistant up to a depth of one meter (it can hold its breath underwater for up to 30 minutes).  The rugged little beast features…
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