Animal Tracking and Signs guide – how to track any animal (even people)

Tracks and signs (collectively termed “spoor” by trackers) include any kind of mark or disturbance left by the passing or activity of an animal or person. Because anything that touches an object leaves a trace, tracks and signs can be found everywhere.  With knowledge and practice (tracking animals is both…
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Hostile Areas

Snipers – how they operate and how to avoid their gun sights

About professional snipers Professional snipers, particularly military-trained snipers, are well versed in marksmanship, field craft, reconnaissance, observation, surveillance, target acquisition and of course, camouflage.  Avoiding a sniper attack can be nearly impossible but by understanding how they work, and following a few simple avoidance tactics, it’s possible you may be…
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Survival News

U.N. General Secretary warns that the world is set to run out of drinkable water

General Secretary Ban Ki-moon issued a stern warning yesterday when he announced that the world is set to run out of drinkable water unless greater efforts are achieved to improve our conservation of the life-sustaining liquid. According to Ban: “We live in an increasingly water insecure world where demand often…
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