Weapons in the Wild

Clubs in the Wilderness – how to make a deadly club in a survival situation

A club, also known as cudgel, baton, mace, nightstick or bludgeon, is essentially a short stick.  You hold clubs and most are small enough to swing with one hand. Although they are not thrown as you would a throwing stick, the club can extend your area of defense beyond your…
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Weapons, Tools, and Gear

It is important to properly maintain your weapons, tools, and #160; This is especially true of your knife. You must always keep it sharp and ready to use. A knife is your most valuable tool in a survival situation. With the proper knowledge and skills, you can easily improvise needed…
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Survival Kits

Preparing an emergency survival kit – supplies needed for the ultimate bugout bag

Introduction to survival kits/bugout bags The environment you will operate in is key to the types of items you will need in your survival kit and how much equipment you put in it depends on how long you will be required to survive using the items in your bugout bag. …
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